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J Magical Beauty

Lemonade Lovers Scented Candle Trio Set

Lemonade Lovers Scented Candle Trio Set

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Beautifully fragranced, hand-poured eco soy wax Lemonade Lovers Scented Candle Trio Collection infused with Lemon Sorbet & Peach lemonade scent, Watermelon Lemonade scent and Rhubarb & Rose lemonade scent, and Biodegradable glitters. Perfect little candles set to make your home smell beautiful.

Ingredients: Eco soy wax

Lemon Sorbet & Peach lemonade scent - Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios with this unique and juicy lemonade concoction where lemon, lime and a splash of sweet orange are enhanced by soft peach, strawberry and an extraordinary burst of tongue-twisting sherbet. All of this rests on a sweet base of creamy vanilla, amber and soft woods.

Watermelon Lemonade scent - Indulge in a little watermelon sugar with this zingy, mouthwatering accord, blending fresh watermelon and lemon fizz with a heart of lily, pear, apple and a hint of ripe banana on a sugary base.

Rhubarb & Rose lemonade scent - Grab this fizz and get fabulous as the fusion of mouth watering rhubarb and precious, velvet soft rose make for a sophisticated combination. Bubbling rhubarb pink lemonade is given an icy freshness with hints of peppermint, sprinkled with rose petals. A crisp base of musk, dry fruits and woods bring the scent to a luxurious close.

Vegan * Non Toxic

These aesthetic each candle NET weigh approximately 65g.


* Ensure the wick is cut to 5mm (usually cut prior to posting, but please cut each time before light if needed).

* Place candle on a heat proof surface, away from children, pets and wind/breeze.

* Ensure candle is no longer lit and is cool before moving.

* Please do not leave flames unattended due to risk of fire.

*Keep away from pets, children & drafts. Place on a level surface.

*Do not burn candles for more than 2 hours at a time.

All candles are handmade. Thank you.


* CLP compliant

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